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Registration of Business Name, All You Need To Know

Business Name Registration entity can be – Sole Trader, Enterprise, Proprietorship or Partnership Business.

A business name, also known as a trading name, is a name or title under which a person, or other legal entity, trades. The Corporate Affair Commission (CAC) is responsible for the Registration of Business Names in Nigeria. It is an autonomous body charged with the responsibility to regulate the formation and management of companies in Nigeria.                            

Registered Business Names are connected to individual business or company Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN).

Search for availability of the business name

You must provide the propose business name.

Prohibited Names

Any name the Commission considers: 

  • capable of misleading as to the nature and extent of its activities
  • undesirable, offensive or contrary to public policy 

Restricted Names

Any name that: 

  • is identical with or similar to the name of a registered company unless the registered company is in the course of dissolution and consents in writing 
  • contains the words Chamber of Commerce unless it is a company limited by guarantee 
  • would violate any existing trade mark or business name unless with the consent of the trade mark or business name owner 
  • would violate any incorporated trustee unless with consent of the trustees 

Names Requiring Consent of the  Corporate Affairs Commission

Names that contain any of the following words:

  • Federal, National, Regional or State Government or suggest patronage of Federal or State Government, Ministry or Department 
  • Municipal or Chartered or suggest connection with any municipality or other local authority 
  • Co-operative or Building Society
  • Group or Holding
  • any word suggesting temporary business arrangement, e.g. consortium

Note: Application for Consent for restricted name will be addressed to the Registrar-General at the Head office or through any of the State offices. 

Contact us for requirements for consent and to make an application

Reservation of a business name if available
Submission of duly completed statutory forms with two passport sized photographs of each applicant attached to the form
Payment of filing fees at the Corporate Affairs Commission

Application form clearly stating:-

  • The name of the business (you have the option of two different business name)
  • Type of business (the business entity)
  • Brief description of the business

If the proposed business name is approved by the Corporate Affairs Commission, then you proceed to reserve the business name for 60days. If CAC disapproves both names submitted, you have to make payment for another search of the new business names of your choice  and go through the process again.
Next is the registration of the business name and filling of other forms, with the payments.

Requirements for the business name registration form:

  1.  The approved business name,
  2.  The business address,
  3.  The name of the sole proprietor or partners,
  4.  The address of the business owner/s,
  5.  Passport photograph(s) of the owner/s.
  6.  Nature of the business. 


The fees for Business Name Registration is ₦18000,,which include the official CAC fee for availability check and reservation of the business name. The package comes with Tax Identification Number


Application for Business Name Registration – allow up to 7-10 working days for processing.


To make an application for Business Name Registration contact Eloson Technology

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