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Missing CAC Documents on CAC Registry

I welcome you once again on Eloson Platform. I trust you are doing great.

I got an email from 20 organization that their company details is not available when searched via CAC portal, some case was that company name is not found, company name is found but proprietor/director details are not found, some no email or phone number, some no nature of business and so on.

As a consultant to companies I have to do my research to find out the possible cause of all this.

The reason for this problem is that CAC operations was manual then so everything was pen and paper.

Companies registered from inception of the commission till 2013 and part of 2014, 2015 might have their details missing.

The good news is that It can be corrected and your details upload on CAC portal provided you still have the CAC documents issued to you when you registered the company.

CAC is fully digital, everything is filed online.

You have nothing to worry at Eloson Technology Limited, 13 Akala Street, Kwale Delta State, we can help you update your details on CAC Portal.

Thanks for reading, feel free to drop message for further assistance.

Written by:
Ejikeme Augustine Eloka,
ICT Consultants & Business Analyst.

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